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walking out, oh yes, thursday is the new black friday. and wal-mart workers are walking out as shoppers walk. in we are live in oakland as the strike happens. and then a sense of relief in gaza city as a fragile cease fire holds. that's pretty amazing. they feel great giving back. spending the money to help those in need. how one man spread the spirit of thanksgiving with peanut butter and jelly. i'm elizabeth cook. dana and ken are off tonight.
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>> i'm going to strike to make sure that i'm there. i'm not scared of losing my job. >> reporter: striking against poor working conditions and a culture of intimidation at the big box store. >> they want us to not speak out or if we do, we get disciplined and they retaliate. i feel bad for the people, but no, i'm not going to stop there. >> reporter: workers say that the backlash has already regun as we were there as one wal- mart manager ordered protesters off the property. >> this is private property. again, we're asking you and
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your group to leave. >> okay, california law gives us the right to talk to customers and handle them in front of the store. >> all right, if you don't leave, we will get the police involved on that. >> reporter: but they have no intention of leaving until wal- mart listens to their pleas for respect and better conditions. more are planned for tomorrow, though protesters worry their numbers could be hurt by workers who are too afraid to strike. to oakland, cbs 5. since opening two weeks ago, it's been a nightmare getting into the new high-end outlet stores and it could be even worse this weekend. this is a live look at the outlet mall and the stores open for black friday shopping a few minutes ago, but we are told that traffic on 580 is already a mess. two hours from midnight. with black friday spilling over into thanksgiving day, the crowds are out even earlier to push and shove their way into the early holiday bargains.
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they will be keeping the bargain hunters safe, huh? >> reporter: yes, one of the busiest target stores in the 10th largest city in america. all about keeping them safe. at the same time, boosting sales. for us, it's a lesson in retail science. >> they only let in groups of 30 people at a time. just like the metering ramp on the onramp to freeway rush hour. and they also used shopping carts to block off the aisle, accomplishing two things. and it also forced those people to walk past the sale items strategically placed. they would likely grab them and then toss them in the shopping cart. hot items were a 15-inch flat screen lcd for $350. sony ps3 and an xbox for $200 a piece. we caught up with the first people in line who had second thoughts about the madness of
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black thursday shopping. >> let me ask, was it worth it? >> not really. i would never do it again. >> why not? >> because i could probably get this deal online a lot faster and i don't have to deal with the crowd. >> reporter: you are learning a valuable black friday lesson? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: surprisingly the first person in line started waiting at 5:30 tonight. and then left the dirty dishes with mom. now in the first hour today, they got more than 1,000 people through the door. and that is double what they got last year when they opened up at midnight. today they opened up at 9:00. it seems like it is opening up earlier and earlier every year. no -- who knows what the lines will be. the old navy store was opened during the day today. they expect to see many of their customers in line again tonight. for the top things you need to know about black friday and the
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best way to save this season is go to our website. the cease fire between israel and hamas has survived their first 24 hours. they explain with both parties and what they have to do now to ensure that a truce remains in effect. palestinians are celebrating the end of the worse fighting for years. they say it's safe enough to fill the streets again. they are digging out, cleaning up, burying their dead. a fragile truth is holding and in the eight days of fighting between israel and hamas that have killed all those israelis. thousands of the soldiers deemployered to the gaza border for a possible ground invasion have pulled out. bringing many palestinians relief. >> i just put faith in the people that they are also going to hold up their end of the cease fire. >> reporter: they promise to stop firing rockets, and israel says they will end air strikes
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in egypt on the border restrictions that have crippled their economy. it underscores the group's new deterrent power. saying i want to say to the palestinian people at the west bank and everywhere that the option of invading them on this victory is gone and they will never return. but the israeli army chief of staff issued a warning. >> gaza would stay quiet if nothing comes out of it. and gaza, they would be a quiet place. if the organization would reoperate from gaza, then the future is more than what it is. >> reporter: america is poised to help both sides. the obama administration says they will ask congress to increase funding for israel's defense system that helped intercept 80% of the rockets. and the american tax dollars provided assistance to the united organizations supporting the palestinians. both sides are trying to negotiate a more permanent
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agreement. israel, they want to end the weapon smuggling at gaza. hamas wants to end the border brigade. troops in afghanistan treated on a feast. including turkey and pie where they even got a game of football before dinner. he told members of the armed services earlier today to wish them a happy thanksgiving to thank them for their service. >> this may be the last holiday away from their families as the u.s. winds down the war. for the bay area mission in richmond, today capped off a week of providing meals to the needy. over the past several days, they were able to feed a hot meal to nearly 2,000 people each day. they also managed to give away
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1,200 turkeys and all the fixings to the people in the neighborhood. thousands of people today. but one man took it upon hif to feed as many people as he could, using three simple ingredients cbs 5 reporter linda yee explains. love it.. america.. happy >> i love it. america. >> he is just an ordinary guy with a very big heart. >> happy thanksgiving, bud. god bless. >> yeah, thank you. that's a part of the sadness, something that happened for them and that they were not able to get in touch with those people to get help or to have that choice to turn their life around and to have some options. >> reporter: so he tried to make their thanksgiving day a
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little better. >> it's a loaf of bread and just some peanut butter and jelly. plus, feeding 21 more people. whatever reason, it is a shelter or getting food from somewhere else. >> you spent all your money? >> yeah, a couple bills that are not getting paid this week. but if i go home, it's not the biggest deal in the world as people out here have not eaten for days. at the end of the day, i'm thankful for what i do have and things are fine. >> and who he meets warms his soul. >> there you go, happy thanksgiving. you can wake up to that. that will be nice. >> and he has always done this at age 60 years old getting his parents to make the peanut butter sandwiches to put together little packages and they came out to the civic center and the other places around the city. >> it's pretty amazing. >> it feels great to give back. and everybody could take a little time out of their day to do something. shame on those who don't. i'm out here trying to do my
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party. >> do you want another one, buddy? there you go, happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> happy thanksgiving. in san francisco, linda yee, cbs5. for the most part what i see in them is incredible hope that things could change. criminals on a mission behind bars. claiming to turn the violent men into peacemakers. and hot wheels. cars from the new exotic look. the newest looks hitting the streets in the bay area. there is some rainfall coming up in your seven-day forecast, but it s. find -- but it is. find out if that will hurt your holiday weekend. what a beautiful night we have looking at your forecast in five minutes.
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we spun the traffic times for you to give you an idea of what those are like. those are people that are going shopping for thanksgiving dinner. so again, kind of a pre- midnight dinner. >> with all it is said. work it off. >> yes, good idea. a few things more american that a big thanksgiving get together. but another national love affair is on display in san francisco. >> they spent some time at the international auto show where next year's cars are making the holiday wish lists.
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>> well, americans, they are an automobile society. we love our cars. we always have. they kicked off their five-day event, but these are not concept vehicles. they are a muscle car guy who have come here for the last 25 years in a row. >> this is a chance for you to be able to choose. >> you're not here because you want to buy a car. >> but it gives us an idea of what's on the market as we could look forward to it. >> these two guys are looking forward to driving. but they may be setting their sites a little too high. >> the toyota section or the honda section. >> do you like them?
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>> it's what my mom would let me have. this is where people come to shop for cars. but there is more than that going on here. >> the idea of what they have here. do i look like a sociology for you? >> so we asked the people. what does it say when you're sitting in the little car? >> reporter: americans, they do love their cars. what we really need to be thankful for is our ability to dream. at the center in san francisco, john ramas, cbs 5. >> i didn't see any convertibles in there. that would be the perfect car for the vehicle. >> a good day for a convertible day. we've got more convertible days coming up. maybe santa claus came early. got you a new car. yeah, i would do it over the
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next couple of days. here is the peak because of the big story tonight. it will be that we're going back to the cold stuff. a lot of you in the 50s including san francisco at 54. check out the 43 here. we're cooling off rapidly. what a great night looking at the bay bridge from on top of our cbs 5 building here in san francisco. a gorgeous night. nothing on the radar. let's be thankful for the great weather today. and in seattle it's going to rain again. in chicago a windy 34 tomorrow and in north dakota. only a high of 20 degrees. making our overnight lows in the 40s not seem so bad. santa rosa, 41 degrees tomorrow. so many of you will go out there and go shopping early. but these are the temperatures that you are en-- that you will encounter tomorrow. down to47 degrees. now, it is late november. this is a very active time of the year for the eastern pacifics. and there are always storms
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headed towards the west coast. the question i try to answer is are they going to come here or not? the answers are simple because it is no. high pressure in control and it acts like a shield and deflects off the storms, in this case up to the north. as long as high pressure is in total control, other areas will get the storms, but we will not. great weather to go outside for a walk or a jog. it is here now and it will be here until the middle of next week. now it will be foggy with clear skies in the north and also foggy, truly fog here in the central valley, sticking around for a long time. with that said, mainly sunny. highs will approach 70 each of the next four days. oakland, 69 degrees. eight degrees above average. 69 degrees out here. 70 for walnut creek.
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and mid to upper 60s for the middle valley and sonoma and downtown san francisco, 67 degrees. over the weekend, it continues. more sunshine, low 70s. we'll stay dry through next wednesday. and then a wet pattern will start on thursday. rain is likely down to the mid- 60s and that is your cbs 5 forecast. from violent criminals to the peacemakers. the program claiming to do just that.
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hardened criminals are saving time to volunteer to join the rehabilitation programs. tonight, cbs 5 reporter takes us inside the prison for a glimpse into one such prison project and that will be having some impact. >> liz cooper. >> reporter: had is no ordinary graduation. they are killers, kidnappers. violent kidnappers. on this day there's a reason for all of the fronting. >> they will not begin,
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standing by. they kind of have humanity. >> reporter: it's a rehab program that works to turn these violent men into peacemakers. >> and that is our future here. choring cheer the 38-year- old spent nearly half his life in prison. >> i committed murder. >> reporter: he found his way in prison. >> we come up with them now where we used to destroy the community. now we sit back to kind of give to the community. >> reporter: miles and 33 other men color -- volunteerly committed to a program that deals with their rage. the sessions often break them. >> and it kills me. you know, i see it down on myself with a lot of anger. >> it is hard at times, but i didn't want to come.
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i felt like i could make the difference in my life, you know, they have been down for 15 years and you know that i'm tired. >> he heads up the non-profit prison project inside out. he developed the intensive program after 17 years of working with the prisoners. >> you know i'm not naive. we just think there's a way to do it and a lot of room for them to improve what's going on. >> he teaches them how to find the emotional and spiritual help. today's ceremonies, they are the initiation to the new life. they have witnesses, community leaders, the correction officers, and the people that these inmates have hurt. like the victim.
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>> my mother, she was murdered to death and taken to a cornfield. now when you say i'm sorry, you heal me. >> reporter: she faced down these killers and workshops. >> there are days when you get all righteous. and how come that person is alive and she is not? but for the most part what i see in them is just incredible hope that things could change. >> are you confident that this could work on the outside for them? >> and i know it does. because i have hired a couple of them to work with the challenged youth. >> reporter: he hired this convicted murderer. he served 20 years, finished rehab, and paroled. he is now councilling troubled teens part time. [ laughter ] he came back to inspire the inmates that he used to live with. >> i see it every single day by doing something to making it
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where he did not die for nothing. >> reporter: they noticed that the predators could be helped. >> i've been doing this for a little over 26 years. i see that some of these programs, they really do change men. i really do believe that. >> reporter: all these inmates are here helping out. hoping to be a part of the program. they too want to graduate. but there's a waiting list. lack of funds means limited session. small miracles will keep the non-profit going. phillip says that his lessons, they taught him how to cope. getting reacquainted with his children, finding a job, and accepting the rejection. >> i just see their side of it, like gee, they get all the candidates. and for a terrible crime. you know, so i get it. i get it very much. and they signed their pledges of nonviolence. the self-imposed contract that will show a parol board some
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day. there are no numbers for whom they get released or how successful they could be on the outside. but they say this is their first step in finding redemption. i'm linda yee, cbs 5. got some nfl games for you to chew on if you have room for all that turkey. the two top schools of the san francisco gridiron. and battles for the aaa football championship. it's coming up next.
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...but thats not what i'm not one, not two, but three games on the nfl schedule.
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they outlasted the cowboys, 38- 31 on the road. but that's not what i will hit you with. here comes the clock. up for grabs. the aaa championship. going ahead 21-14 late in the game as they come right back. down one, goes for two and lincoln wins it, 22-21. off to basketball for you. no answer for him. they lose 78-70. the career high for matthew. he had 31. st. mary's is 4-0 taking care of business. the patriots, the jets, tom brady, the count. 83 yards almost untouched. new england destroys the jets. 49-19. and the lions are closing matt
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schaab. but look at the church down celebration. and the big dance. >> oh, you've got to love that one as they win it in overtime with style. >> whatever style that was. >> so they are further dancing. >> original. back at 11:00 on cbs 5.
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